Why this blog? Why Elixir?

This blog isn’t exactly about Elixir. It’s about the process of learning Elixir. It’s also one result of that process: posts are presented via my own blog engine, itself written in Elixir/Phoenix. The software is crude as yet (I’m totally new to the platform), and will probably remain so. I intend the app as a Phoenix playground, and I expect to increase its feature count (no doubt gratuitously!) more than its refinement.

I doubt what I write here will be of wide interest. Though I’m by no means a new programmer, I am just starting with Elixir, and don’t expect to say anything that hasn’t been said first and better elsewhere. It’s an exercise. If anything does prove useful to anyone for any reason, all the better.

There will be little about me here – it’s not intended to be a personal blog – but just for the record: I’m an experienced, if indifferently accomplished, developer, and am learning Elixir with a view to using it for some solo web projects I have in mind. Ruby on Rails or Django would probably have been just as suited to the purpose. But I’m not really a web developer and don’t know any suitable platform well, so must invest some learning time in any case. Diving into a little Clojure last year for interest’s sake really amplified my enjoyment of a functional approach to writing software. Elixir tickles my 2021 fancy more than Ruby or Python would. And LiveView may limit the amount of javascript front-end code I have to write. Definitely a bonus.

Sunday May 23, 2021 (AEST)